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"RoboCop" Remake May Be Adding Some Pedigree To Its Cast


The remake/reboot of RoboCop has been bounced from director to director over, what seems like, the last decade, but after recently locking down Elite Squad 1 & 2 director Jose Padilha & The Killing star Joel Kinnaman, it looks as though they’re trying to fill out the cast with some pretty great actors, namely Sean Penn, Edward Norton, Rebecca Hall & Gael Garcia Bernal.

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I’m not looking forward to this.

The original is one of the best action films ever. And it was SO fucking violent. I fear they’ll make this a low rating.

(Source: bloody-disgusting.com)

i don’t even think i’m gonna illegally download this now.
(if it IS a pg-13)

i don’t even think i’m gonna illegally download this now.

(if it IS a pg-13)

Anonymous asked: Are you going to go see the new Robocop movie? If so what are your expectations for it?

I will download it

if it’s not an absolute shitty wankfest i will be surprised

the trailer looks terrible

the suit looks terrible

it does not look robotic

it looks like a guy wearing body armour

the bit with the gun coming out of the leg looks terrible compared to the 26 year old original.

they know it’s shit so they’ve packed with enough starts in the hope it’ll make its money back.

I’ve also read in a few places that it’s a PG-13



i hope it is a mega flop.