First of all.. I am not a lesbian.. I'm not even female.
I am a manly man.

That is me in the gif.

My name is Ramma and i fucking love bacon.

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Many people wonder how i got this awesome url.. let me tell you

When I closed my eyes, I saw this thing, a sign, I saw this name in bright blue neon lights with a purple outline. And this name was so bright and so sharp that the sign - it just blew up because the name was so powerful... It said, "Towritelesbiansonherarms."

You really are the perfect lesbian . - the penis of course "
- Lesbiansandthelivingdead

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The gif is me and the icon is not.


normally while i play on the internet or read comics i watch a film or a tv show on my other tv. But i find myself listening more than watching.

well i put Edge of Tomorrow on and i know it’s good because i find myself actually watching it 

just gonna throw this out there

I have never seen any of The Godfather films

and i never intend to

Sometimes at work i’ll get asked to do something and i’ll suggest a quicker and easier way to do it and i get accused of being lazy.

I want to do that thing quicker so i can go and do other things.

How is that lazy you waffling simpleton?

we had a flood at work today

and basically

i ended up ankle deep in shit

lots of shit

and when we managed to get the water out there was an inch of shit all over the place

there was bits of sweet corn and nut shells and chicken

i nearly threw up several times while cleaning up

i have now been advised that i g to A&E and get checked over in case i have like the black plague or whatever

so the destiny beta is finished now which means i can get back to reading comics and posting properly again