First of all.. I am not a lesbian.. I'm not even female.
I am a manly man.

That is me in the gif.

My name is Ramma and i fucking love bacon.

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Many people wonder how i got this awesome url.. let me tell you

When I closed my eyes, I saw this thing, a sign, I saw this name in bright blue neon lights with a purple outline. And this name was so bright and so sharp that the sign - it just blew up because the name was so powerful... It said, "Towritelesbiansonherarms."

You really are the perfect lesbian . - the penis of course "
- Lesbiansandthelivingdead

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The gif is me and the icon is not.

Anonymous said: sheer bra girl with the tongue out and bunny ear fingers. got a name? looks familiar. cheers!



my internet detecting skills have failed me 

Anonymous said: the game is still good on xbox? what you can tell about it? and thanks dude, i think you're great

It’s very good on the xbone

apparently Diablo III had loads of bugs and problems and this new edition has sorted them all out.

it has some really inventive spells/skills in the game. 

only thing is it’s not that hard even on expert. I’ve died maybe 7 times and 4 of those were tonight in 2 spots. 

Anonymous said: Be my Angel. I'll be your Buffy.

Why do i have to be Captain Forehead? His hair goes straight up and he’s bloody stupid.


googlechernobyl said: Where are you from?


That’s near Newcastle in England for those not in the know.

Anonymous said: i have a confession. i have never finished buffy. i should. i really should.


give yer head a wobble m8

Anonymous said: Did you get my nude yet? Lol I'm sixteen, heehee


Anonymous said: Can we submit nudes?

yeah. whether i post them is another matter entirely though. 


females only =0 


keep it classy 

Anonymous said: What do you think the best superhero movie to date is?

hellboy or blade or guardians of the galaxy or avengers or captain america 2 or iron man or superman II 


mommamarine said: I've followed you for a while, but went back to read your about me. I snorted a fry thought my mouth on accident when I read "I'm Ramma, and I fucking love bacon." Fucking Christ balls. Love your blog. 💋


Bacon is life

Anonymous said: What is the gifset you just reblogged from?


series 3 episode 6

i think 

never watched the show

Anonymous said: hay this is mikala i don't miss tumblr but i miss you talk to me more ok ok

talk to me on facebook then you sodding wanker 


reavlapse said: Yo how was the destiny beta? Never got a chance to play it


It’s Halo meets Borderlands meets Guild Wars 2. 

Super fun stuff. 

must have put in a good 25 hours and i wasn’t bored. 

PvP isn’t so good. too many snipers and too many wankers on turrets or vehicles.