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Many people wonder how i got this awesome url.. let me tell you.
When I closed my eyes, I saw this thing, a sign, I saw this name in bright blue neon lights with a purple outline. And this name was so bright and so sharp that the sign - it just blew up because the name was so powerful... It said, "Towritelesbiansonherarms."

"You really are the perfect lesbian . - the penis of course "
- Lesbiansandthelivingdead

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Anonymous asked: haha I was just thinking how I had always assumed you were from the US and then I was like…wait maybe he's not


kudos on knowing that i am male though. You can have one gold star for that.

Anonymous asked: what country do you live in?


Why? Did you think I was American?


Anonymous asked: how does it feel to be a racist bellend? It must be painful.

like warmmmmm apple pie.

magicdragonpuff asked: I'm pretty sure I've been following you for 2 years. Absolutely love your blog. Always like seeing what you post on my dash. Thank you for being you.


bless ya guvna!

Anonymous asked: Fuck you white racist

I identify as black


Anonymous asked: So I've never read any of the Star Wars comics, despite being a big fan of the movies. Now I'm not sure where to start. They sell these Graphic Novels of the regular Star Wars comics here in Not-North America, but the first available issue is no. 40. Would that be a good place to start, along with Star Wars Essentials?


I may posses nearly every star wars comic ever made in digital format but I’ve barely read any.

my suggestion is to look through the star wars tag and see if anyone is posting comic stuff and ask them.

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

volatile-nights asked: Just wanted to say that I love your blog :) Thank-you for your help in my extreme procrastination! <3

Woah there! I don’t need to know what you get up to in the privacy of your own bedroom.

How rude.

imthegdbatman asked: I know damn well you hate Batman, you're a hater. Batman could beat Hulk. All he does is wait for the giant to fall asleep and kill Bruce Banner! He throws a handful of magnets on Iron Man, runs over, rips the "Iron" off and beats the man to a pulp. As for Spider-Man? Pft, Batman has this sixth sense where he knows everything about someone. He just tells the man he's Venom and Peter runs away. Simple really, Batman always win Ramma. Always. But I agree with you.


ladyjulianos asked: Am I wrong to say that Batman would be victorious in a battle against Spider-Man?

okay.. I can see WHY you and many others would think he would be victorious.


let us first eliminate batman’ greatest power.. PREP TIME! It’s a shoddy plot mechanic.

Any character in the universe could beat any other character if they had unlimited resources, infinite prep time and first strike. It’s nothing to brag about.


and before i get into this I must inform you (and others) that Spider-man is my fave comic book character of all time and Batman is in my top 5. (just in case anyone thinks i am some kind of batman hater)

now that is out of the way.

let me explain you a thing

in a random encounter in like.. a city environment Batman would have absolutely zero chance against spider-man. None. Zip. Nil. Zero. It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night. Or sunny or raining or snowing.

Spider-man outclasses batman in every department. By a lot. Speed, reflexes, agility, strength, power, durability, endurance..

Spider-man could stand there and let batman hit him and all batman would do is break all the bones in his hand/foot/face/whatever he hits him with.

From range batman wouldn’t be able to hit spider-man with anything. He could either shoot any projectiles out of the air or easily avoid them.

Once they get in close it’s game over, man. Batman may be one of the best fighters in comics but it’s not gonna help him in any way against a guy who could dodge dozens of bullets from several goons firing machine guns at point blank range and can lift a two ton elephant like it’s nothing.

oh and spider sense. So no sneak attacks from batman!

Spider-man would beat him with ease. Ridiculous ease. Spider-man would break the bat.

batfans can argue all day… but no. You can say ‘oh batman beat superman/deathstroke/hal Jordan/wonder woman/blah/etc/whatevs’ alllllll day long and it doesn’t matter.

there’s no plot induced stupidity involved here. It’s as realistic as possible.

and even if you wanna give batman some prep time it still wouldn’t make a difference. an hour? not enough time? 2 hours? nope? 5? neah.

johnnyewest asked: top ten pornstars?


i’ll just name some

Sinn sage

shyla jennings

malena morgan

dyanna lauren

Julia ann

sasha grey

lexi belle

maie mccray

ashlyn rae

ashlynn brooke

tori black

bree olsen

mia malkova

wait.. porn? what is porn?

never heard of it

Anonymous asked: Why doesn't everyone just shut the fuck up about the racist thing. Talk about beating a dead horse. You've only answered this 60 different times already.

because I am a horrible racist and they must vent their anon anger at me so they feel like they’ve achieved something with their life

"hey sport what did you do last night!"

"oh father I anonymously called some guy a racist on tumblr’

*papa wipes a single tear from his cheek*

"Your mother would be so proud of you if she was alive.. keeping fighting the good fight my brave little man"